Does blogging help SEO?

It seems like every new, small- and large-scale company is shifted to blogging as they want people to find them among seas of stiff competitors. Blogging is an important factor for SEO as it helps you a lot with several elements that can rank your website to the top of the searches. When your company creates a blog and updates it regularly with unique content that offers maximum value to the audience while following the best SEO practices, then it would probably make a sound difference in your ranking, traffic, and leads. Last night when we were checking metrics for one of our clients, we found out that their organic traffic has reached up to 375% in just 7 months. Though the niche was not very competitive, but the results were surprisingly hard to believe. This means blogging has now become a crucial element of success for your business. Now you must be wondering how blogging benefits your business and level up your game? Are there any special techniques we implement that drive traffic and leads?

Blogging allows you to target the right keywords

Keywords are the backbone of your blog’s SEO. They are crucial in increasing the visibility of products and services you want to promote through your website.
However, using relevant, effective, and result-driven keywords is a no-brainer today especially after the evolution of hundreds of keyword research tools. Today the competition is fierce so every company wants to choose the keywords that can get high spots in Google.
So, if you want to become a leader in your industry, your blog could really help you with that.
Because blogging offers a great opportunity to target right and long-tail keywords that are usually more specific, contain more than 3 words, and have less competition in the industry. These keywords also help your content reach a more qualified audience who is ready to convert as they were already searching for the specific query.
But bear in mind that you don’t have to over saturate your content with a lot of keywords as it’s called keyword stuffing which totally ruins the ranking and reputation of your blog. It’s recommended to use a long tail so you can naturally maintain the flow of your content.

Blogging keeps your platform updated and maintained

Let’s think for a second about who could love your content more apart from your targeted audience. Google, right?
This means, when you have a blog, you can create unlimited fresh, unique and engaging content to keep the platform updated for both the audience and Google.
Because the fact is, all search engines tend to provide updated and fresh content to their audience. And when you regularly update your blog with unique content, Google is more likely to make it visible to the people who are using the same keywords as you have used.
Generating great content gives search algorithms more opportunities to rank the site and make it visible to the right people. This proves that blogging is the easy, fast and by far the best way to keep your website updated with new content that could be ranked by Google.

You can go viral overnight with high-quality blogging

When you create high-quality, engaging, and SEO-friendly content that has never been created before, you may get lucky in a way that Google immediately ranks your content and makes it viral overnight.
But that’s extremely challenging and it’s like shooting for the moon. Even if you are creating a really engaging and useful article, it would still take some time to get ranked and indexed.
However, going viral is not something you exactly aim for. But with blogging, you can implement some best practices to get the content in front of a massive audience who may get inspired.
Make sure you know what your readers want to read and what’s currently trending. It would help you a lot in bringing the right eyes to your articles.

Blogging helps drive traffic from social media

When your blog gets high traffic every day and lots of returned visits, Google believes that the site is extremely helpful for the audience, so it raises the rank and authority of the site in a short time.
Therefore, most SEO experts and marketers consider implementing social media marketing so they can drive high traffic from different social media platforms. When you share the blog post on social channels, readers would check it and if they like it they would immediately share it for others to read. Even some readers visit your page every day to check the more inspiring content you create.
This automatically increases the ranking and traffic of your website in search engines.
Hence the main requirement is, creating unique, fresh, and engaging content. If the content is useful and engages a massive audience, they will share it faster. The faster the content is shared, the more possibilities to get increased ranking.
In addition to that, if your business already has a great social media presence, you can adopt some new strategies to promote your content on different platforms.

You can generate backlinks with blogging

Backlinking is another fruitful strategy of SEO that instantly increases the ranking and authority of your blog. When your content gets published on other high-quality blogs and you get a link back from their site, Google considers it a valuable way source and may increase the ranking quickly.
Now the more backlinks your blog gets the more chances to rank your blog in search engine results.  Some pointers to keep in mind for high quality backlinking
  • The link must come from a high domain authority blog
  • Your website shouldn’t link previously with the same blog
  • The link must be “do-follow”.
  • Make sure you include targeted keywords in the backlink


    Creating a blog is a good way to drive traffic to your site and get high-quality leads. However, most beginners have the least ideas about how to run a blog and how it really helps with SEO.