ORBIT DSM Introduction & Details


Distribution and Sales management (DSM) is the process of planning, organising, and controlling the activities of a company's sales force and distribution network. The main goal of DSM is to ensure that the company's products and services are available to customers when and where they need them.
Orbit DSM manage your all distributors sale in one place. They also manage your sales staff deputed on distributors using Orbit App and always up to date

Customer Benefits/Advantages

  • One data base for All Distributors
  • Independent Distributor’s Dashboard
  • Real time sales Booking Data
  • Execution of Sale Orders
  • Customer Invoices & Collections
  • Warehouse & Stock Management – Distributor Wise

Orbit App Key Features

  • Attendance

    Daily attendance of the sales staff

  • Routes

    Define zones, tsales erritories, towns and routes etc.

  • Targets

    Set targetzs so you can analyze the performance of your sales team.

  • Sales Booking

    Your sales team record sales order on their mobile and you will update in real time.

  • Collections

    Now your team is able to record collections from market with mobile on the fly

Application Benefits

Implementation process

We follow the 6 step Orbit DSM to approach whether implementing one on demand module or all modules in once.

When you are moving up from an older solution, it’s common to need help with the planning solution for your organization. Our experienced guides can run this process for you or assist your project planner to the extent you need. Tasks in this stage of the planning process include

  • Your business needs and goals
  • Analyzing your current workflows
  • Business Porcesses
  • Technology landscape to determine the best ERP solution.

Once we’ve established your requirements, we’ll configure your system to match your organization’s needs. While our focus is on customizations for Orbit solutions. Our team will set up your system to include the necessary software, hardware, and workflows. We’ll also customize your Orbit software.

Our talented team has extensive experience in Orbit DSM customization, database design and software development for desktop, mobile and web devices. which includes document creation, custom reporting and enhancements, we are interested in learning about your other needs and how we can help.

Our team will provide end-user training for your system to ensure that all users understand how to get the most out of the system. We will customize the training to fit your organization’s specific needs.

We offer both one-time and ongoing support packages that help your team build their enterprise technology expertise over time, so that they will feel confident and become highly productive using your business software solutions. An ongoing support package includes weekly meetings with an engagement manager who will provide training, review your progress and make recommendations for next steps so that you continue to get the most out of your system.

Orbit DSM Deployment is the process of installing software system, migrating data over to that new software system. We can migrate data from your existing systems to your new platform, ensuring data integrity and consistency throughout the process. Our team will ensure that all data is accurately migrated and that your new system interfaces seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

We perform rigorous testing to ensure it meets your needs and is fully operational. Our team tests all areas of the system, including third-party integrations, and provides debugging and optimization.

Industries types

Orbit DSM manages logistics operations as well as front- and back-office activities of wholesale and distribution companies. This type of software is used to determine product demand and ensure that products sold are delivered on time.

Some of the world's largest companies compete for market share in this industry including

  • Tyson Foods
  • Coca-Cola
  • Unilever
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Nestle
  • PepsiCO
  • Danone

Success Stories