Finance & Accounting Outsourcing


Finance and accounting outsourcing (FAO) has changed a lot. Before, it was just about transactions. Now, it's about looking at everything together, like how businesses and technology are changing. Companies want to use digital tools to make finance and accounting work better. This means making things faster, saving money, and giving customers a better experience. We use automation and analytics a lot in our contracts to help financial departments make quick decisions and improve how finance departments work. We work closely with our clients to give them the best advice and strategic consulting, digital transformation and process outsourcing services.

Key Features

  • Accuracy of financial statements
  • Cost saving
  • Client satisfaction
  • Data security
  • Staff productivity
  • Quality Assurance
  • Client communication
  • Data entry and collection
  • Bookeeping and accounting
  • Tax compliance

Customer benefits and advantages

  • You have the freedom to invest the money according to your needs and requirements.
  • The software you acquire becomes something valuable that you own,it serves as a base for your future development and expension.
  • It helps organizations grow with freedom by providing high quality enterprise software with the restrictions.

This includes challenges, but is not limited to, addressing their specific need.

We manage office and remote staff with the assurance that security, fraud prevention and compliance requirements are strictly met.
We have prioritized the best models for hiring, developing, motivating and retaining key skillsets.
We have combined different solutions and skillsets to provide holistic offerings to our clients.

Record To Report (R2R) Service:

We've noticed that our digital-savvy clients, especially those who are second-generation users of our services, are increasingly outsourcing complex finance tasks like record-to-report (R2R) functions. They rely on us for timely and actionable insights. Our comprehensive R2R services cover various areas such as general ledger accounting, reconciliation, inter-company accounting, fixed assets management, compliance, taxation, and risk management. We leverage a combination of automation, intelligent data tools, workflow solutions, and advanced analytics to deliver these services efficiently. Our goal is to empower CFOs to concentrate on their main business activities, providing them with real-time insights for swift decision-making. This approach also enhances the overall effectiveness and accuracy of their finance departments. In addition to our expertise in finance, we also meet our clients' expectations by actively incorporating automation and analytics into service

Our specialization:

  • We offer industry-standard R2R services in our FAO practice.
  • We collaborate with a strong network of partners across F&A service lines to drive innovation and digital transformation.
  • We use design thinking and alternative methodologies to engage clients in designing products, services, or transformation roadmaps.
  • We have referenceable case studies showcasing our successful implementations. website design
  • Website hosting and domain name registration

Financial Planning And Analysis (FP&A) Services:

We see our clients as important partners, helping them with instant insights for quicker decision-making. Our services cover budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, decision support, financial analysis, management reporting, and M&A and divestiture analysis. We make sure CFOs have reliable financial insights and reports to make decisions effectively.

 These are aimed at empowering CFOs to focus on their core business, get real-time insights to make decisions quickly, and enable their finance departments to function more effectively with greater accuracy.

Our specialization:

  • We offer industry-standard FP&A services.
  • Our deep domain and technology expertise include automation, analytics, AI, machine learning, cloud, and blockchain.
  • Our deep domain and technology expertise include automation, analytics, AI, machine learning, cloud, and blockchain.
  • We use design thinking and alternative methodologies to involve clients in product/service design and transformation roadmaps.

Our FAO Services Value Chain


  • Tax and Treasury.
  • Fixed asset and leased Accounting.
  • Regulatory and statutory Reporting.
  • Intercompany Management.
  • Reconciliations
  • Journal posting
  • Financial Reports Consolidation

  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Decision support and financial analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Management reporting
  • Risk management and treasury
  • Internal auditing
  • Specialized services such as M&A and JV

  • Financial process and technical consulting and advisory
  • Supporting innovation Roadmap
  • Change management and communications support
  • Benchmarking

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